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China Building Its Own Chip Industry In The Middle Of A Tech War

Reportedly, China is moving ahead with the progress of its own chip industry as top companies such as Huawei face the intimidation of losing entry to American technology. The experts state the world’s second-biggest economy can still be minimum a decade off from catching up with the U.S. technology. Yet, if China effectively builds its own semiconductor industry, that might ultimately impact American companies that have garnered big profits in the country. In the past month, Chinese technology titan Huawei was put on a US blacklist that needed American companies to attain administration permission to sell to the company.

Huawei relies on some important components from the U.S. companies and software from Microsoft, Google. The U.S. has granted a 90-Day official pardon for now, but the menace remains a huge problem for the company. Other companies, counting Chinese surveillance giant HikVision are supposedly also being aimed. Huawei competitor ZTE faced the same situation in the last year, which drastically damaged the company. While China has made no surreptitious attempt that it needs to develop its own semiconductor industry in the last few years, analysts said that latest events have given new precedence to that drive.

Speaking of the current trade battle, recently, it was stated that the trade war is now targeting Chinese students at elite US schools. Initially, the trade, later technology and presently talent is being targeted. The Trump government has started to aim at China’s brightest and best scholars in the U.S., by scrutinizing researchers with links to Beijing and limiting student visas. Many Chinese academics and graduate students told Bloomberg News in the last few weeks that they sensed the U.S. job and academic environment growingly unfriendly. China’s Education Ministry publicized a warning in recent time on the perils of studying in the U.S. as a student since visa rejections soar.