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House Passes Disaster Relief Bill Of $19 Billion After Holdups

Recently, the House passed a $19 Billion disaster aid package that was long awaited and pending due to President Donald Trump’s signature. This bill will send relief to regions of the U.S. affected by storms. The chamber granted the measure by a 354–58 vote following Republicans obstructed three past attempts to pass it collectively. As the Senate had already cleared the bill, it would head to Trump’s desk for his sanction. Trump previously objected to precedent disaster reprieve endeavors over funding fixed for the hurricane-devastated US territory of Puerto Rico, but he stated he would support the plan that was passed lately.

The measure also governs money to regions of red-leaning states like Georgia, Florida, and Iowa damaged by flooding and storms. Both Republicans and Democrats representing regions smacked by earthquakes, storms, and wildfires needed Congress to sanction the assist package more quickly. In the past, Trump had objected sending extra money to Puerto Rico and shoved for $4.5 Billion more to tackle migration at the southern U.S. border, which was two stances from he ultimately retreated. Reportedly, the disaster bill sends $900 Million to Puerto Rico for nutritional help and block grants. It also assigns grant money and finances to reconstruct infrastructure hit by storms.

On a similar note, recently, it was stated that the disaster relief bill will help blueberry growers. In a statement released, Congressman Earl L. Buddy Carter said that, amongst other disasters, this aid would help Georgia blueberry growers who were impacted by extraordinarily harsh weather in 2017. Georgia was estimated to produce almost 90 million pounds of blueberries, but was severely reduced to 30 million pounds as of the record-setting freeze merged with warm winter weather, he stated. In last year, the blueberry growers experience another freeze and another year of noteworthy losses, he said.