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Anti-China Sentiment Surging In The U.S., China Needs To Address: Tim Adams

Reportedly, the anti-China sentiment is increasing in Washington and Beijing must not undervalue that, a former undersecretary for global affairs at the USDT (United States Department of Treasury) stated in recent time. Tim Adams—President and Chief Executive of the IIF (Institute of International Finance)—said, “I worry that Chinese executives underestimate how widely the anti-Chinese sentiment is increasing in Washington it also runs in the full political spectrum.” Even though the present government is the one that has directed the charge on the trade dispute with China, he said, “almost all of the 24 Democrats contesting for president in 2020 have some kind of anti-Chinese sentiment whether be it trade or something larger.”

Adams said to CNBC, “Washington has become distinctly anti-China,” during the IIF summit in Tokyo. Likewise, he is worried that Washington does not recognize the expression from Beijing. “I am concerned that there are people in Washington who feel they understand the Chinese outlook and that they can compel President Xi Jinping to bend the will of Washington’s aspirations and perhaps not appreciate the expression coming out of China,” he stated. His remarks come as combats amid the world’s two top powers strengthened in last few weeks.

On a similar note, recently, it was stated that China needs to pressurize the U.S. economy, but the financial sector is probably safe from Beijing. Rare earth minerals, technology, and the educational sector have been hauled into the fight amid China and the U.S., but as Beijing thinks more countermeasures, specialists said the US’ financial sector is not likely to be a target. There is just too much at risk for China in that domain, they said to CNBC, pointing to a constant drive in the country to start the Chinese monetary sector to global investors.