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NASA Reveals Astronaut Michael Good’s Retirement—Latest Report

After flying about two space shuttle missions and assisting the Commercial Crew Program to get off the ground, Michael Good, Veteran astronaut from NASA has retired from NASA. He served the U.S. Air Force and NASA for about 35 Years. Reportedly, May 31, 2019, was the last day of his service at the space agency.

Kathy Lueders, Manager, Commercial Crew Program, proclaimed that Good’s foresight and implementation for the Commercial Crew Program’s Joint Test Team have been important for the growth of all of the providers’ crew cabins. She added, “Good holds the dream of fetching the best of NASA to work side by side with the best of SpaceX and Boeing. He is capable to find out the most practical and safest solutions to the inevitable trades. She further added that Good’s leadership will be truly missed and he has set the right trajectory for the space agency.

On a similar note, NASA came into the news as it disclosed the foremost U.S. astronauts to fly on board a SpaceX capsule. Reportedly, this capsule built for NASA shrugged off a series of test and design mishaps. The space agency said that such delays are “part of the process.” It added that the latest technology was far more superior to the space shuttle program that concluded about eight years ago.

Space shuttle veterans, Doug Hurley, 52, and Bob Behnken, 48, and are finalized for blastoff later this year or in 2020. This takeoff is scheduled to be carried out from the Cape Canaveral, Florida, to the International Space Station and back, in the debut manned flight of the Crew Dragon capsule. Two associate astronauts, namely Victor Glover, 43, and Mike Hopkins, 50, are assigned for launch on board the vehicle’s foremost authorized operational mission after that. Probably, they will have two additional crew members from other countries.