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Snapdragon 855 Plus By Qualcomm Developed For VR And Gaming

Qualcomm is shaking up its annual approach to update its flagship mobile chip, and it can be good news for Android handset users who crave raw performance. The processor manufacturer has launched an updated Snapdragon 855 Plus that features additional performance out of the recognizable 855 design. The 8-core Kryo 485 CPU now operates at almost 2.96 GHz rather than the earlier 2.84 GHz, and the Adreno 640 graphics must offer a 15% boost in the speed.

Those are not huge leaps, but Qualcomm is gambling that they will be perfect for gaming, where performance of GPU is more essential as compared to raw crunching of numbers. The changes also make the 855 Plus useful for AI, VR & AR experiences, and anything else that is specifically taxing. This is not your dream processor for 5G, although. The in-built modem cannot manage more than LTE, so handsets will still require a different X50 modem (and possibly make negotiations in battery life and size) to get next-generation cellular speeds.

On a related note, it is high time that modern functions such as longer aspect ratio displays, dual cameras, and VoLTE calling arrive to sub-$100 handsets and with latest chipset by Qualcomm. The new Snapdragon 215 is meant to fuel handsets that fall in the tune of $75–130, which indicates that an upcoming generation of cheaper phones can be fitted for more-enhanced features.

This is due to the new 64-bit framework (which is 200-series processors’ one of many firsts) that the new Snapdragon 215 operates 50% faster as compared to its precursor. You will see the largest speed differences when zipping around your operating system or closing and opening apps. The latest CPU also has a set of display updates, and now shows support for HD+ (1560 x 720) display and 19.9:9 aspect ratio.