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Domino’s Will Allow You Track Your Pizza Delivery Using GPS

By the end of 2019, you will be capable of tracking the delivery of your Domino’s Pizza using GPS. The firm is recognized for embracing tech, and it is done things such as self-driving cars and delivering pizza using robots. The firm allowed orders via Alexa devices and cars too. It is tested with cashless shops and even enabling smart home porch lights when the delivery person is close. But telling you where your food is as it is on the way to your door may be the firm’s most practical experiment with tech yet.

The included ability will not just securely hungry users. As per media, CEO Ritch Allison claimed he is “more excited” about the info that franchise workers will receive from the GPS tracking, which can assist users make the delivery procedure more competent. The firm’s shares lately fell 6%, and luckily, this practical tech service might offer it a boost. While Domino’s is dominating the market, we can see more food delivery firms providing GPS tracking in the near time.

On a related note, an adult entertainment platform, CamSoda, earlier declared a new product previously that focuses to satisfy you in a number of manners. The RubGrub is a 3D-printed button device made to fit on a vibrator (Lovense Nora). And the concept is that when you are done employing the Nora, all you will have to do is click the button and the device will order you a huge pizza.

It is importantly an Amazon Dash Button destined to fulfill your post-coital hungers. On the other hand, it orders you a Domino’s pizza, so we expect that the time spent with the device was more pleasing than your food will be. All you have to do is link your RubGrub via Bluetooth to your phone and add in your delivery and payment information.