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People In The United States Are Misusing Antibiotics, Study Says

A study revealed that people of the US are misusing antibiotics and they are developing antibodies in their body against antibiotics. As a result of the same, they are developing an immune against antibiotics, which in turn is resisting them to accept the medicines that are prescribed by the doctors.

Reports stated that people of the US are accepting antibiotics without prescription of doctors and they are consuming the same then and there, especially when they won’t need those. By doing so, they are developing antibodies in their body that would resist them from the effect of antibiotics. As a result of the same, they are developing a bodily antibody, which is resisting them to get the effect of the antibiotics.

The reports also stated that near to 2 million Americans have already developed such antibiotics resistant antibodies and that has claimed the life of 23000 Americans already. There are some other effects of the same too, like that of developing allergic antibodies in the body and other things that are hampering the normal immune system in the body.

All these are creating absolute nuisance in the body and that is making a big difference in the entire bodily function. Near to 31 different schools of the US have conducted a study on the same and found the same results. This problematic situation has raised an alarm in the state, which according to the experts is the cause of lack of alertness among the citizens.

The essential step that can curb out the menace, which is at present ruling the state is to make serious attempt to restrict the counter sale of the antibiotics without a valid and recent prescription. Different schools believe this to be the only way to fight the situation, although the government has not shown any inclination towards the same.