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Renault Goes Nostalgic With Its Newest Electric Concept Model

Much as Honda and Ford are doing with Civic and Mustang encouraged EVs, Renault is going nostalgic by developing an electric variant of the best-selling, beloved 4L (Quatrelle), also known as the Renault 4. The e-Plein Air is inspired from the 1968–1969 Plein Air, which is a doorless, topless beach-friendly variant of the 4L that only sold 563 models.

It will be fitted with a 6.1 kWh battery and the Renault Twizy 80’s drivetrain, so it might not go very fast or far. The 60 mph top speed or 62 Miles of range must be more than sufficient for travelling the Normandy dunes.

The Renault 4 was launched in 1961 as an answer to Citroën’s famous 2CV, also known as the “Deux Chevaux.” It was the first car by Renault with a fully independent suspension and front-wheel drive, making it ideal for rural streets all over the world, especially France. Renault sold 8 Million models by the time manufacturing stopped in 1992. The Plein Air, in the meantime, came along in response to Citroën’s Méhari and through a request by the military.

On a related note, Waymo earlier claimed that it might make its way to the vanguard position in the automotive realm with the assistance of industry behemoth that chose to join hands with the firm. The Alphabet division earlier signed a deal with Nissan and Renault to explore the progress of driverless mobility services.

None of the firms comprised disclosed info about the project excluding the products they do come up with will deliver goods and transfer users in Japan and France. As per media, though, the joint venture will also explore the progress of self-driving vehicles for the areas. Who knows—it may even offer Waymo opportunity to get in on the robotaxi action for Tokyo 2020 Olympics.