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People In UK Turn To Private Clinics To Access Medical Cannabis

As per the reports, hundreds of UK citizens are seeking help of private clinics to get medicated cannabis. Back in November 2018, cannabis became legalized in the UK, medical prescription of THC on NHS is very rare. Due to this, most of the patients who are suffering from MS as well as epilepsy have to shed near about 800 pounds on a monthly basis. Government has showcased its sympathy with families which are dealing with such crisis.

Cheryl Keen’s daughter Charlotte has been denied by NHStwice to get THC medication for her epilepsy as well as brain damage. Talking to the media, Keen stated that the other option is too expensive and thus she hasn’t tried it in the first place. She also stated that it is disgusting that patients have to pay for private treatment.

Spokesperson of Campaign Groups said that NHS is denying genuine treatment to patients by not providing them access to cannabis medicines which contain THC. NICE told the reporters that it is not prescribing medicines with cannabis for epilepsy since there is no solid proof that whether patients will get genuine treatment or not.

One of the authoritative figures of Grow Biotech said that the company has got more than 95 private requests for prescription and 60 of which have been granted. While making a private conversation with the press Professor Mike Barnes said that every other patient wants to come to Medical Cannabis Clinic for cannabis prescription but it is not necessary that they are granted one.

Barnes further stated that for some typical conditions like nausea, pain, sickness and anxiety, it is very essential that a patient to have cannabis prescription. Though the cost of prescription is around 700 pounds on an average but Professor Barnes doesn’t agree that the clinic is exploiting needy patients.