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Dream Chaser Spaceplanes To Be Launched On Vulcan Skyrocket

Recently, it has been officially announced by the company officials that, in the beginning of the year 2021, flying Dream Chaser spaceplane will be launched by Sierra Nevada Corporation over new Vulcan space rocket of United Launch Alliance for at least 6 unpiloted cargo voyages contracted by NASA to the ISS, International Space Station. Boosters constructed in Europe, Japan by Blue Origin and SpaceX were considered by the engineers of Sierra Nevada and owners of the company, Eren Ozmmen and Fatih.

But they said, ultimately United Launch Alliance was selected by them based on an unrevealed but a competitive cost, flawless launch record of ULA, the abilities of Vulcan and a long-withstanding working association. While the 6 space station resupply assignments are baselined to hover on the Vulcan, along with Atlas 5 of ULA is available as a backup, said Fatih Ozmen, who is CEO of the firm. He also added that, the company is holding exposed the option of launching Dream Chasers commercially on additional rockets if petition progresses. He said that, the position quo is really being challenged by Dream Chasers. It is the only privately possessed, commercial spaceplane in the world which occurs, refillable and capable of runway landing.

And that makes it very significant. Tory Bruno, CEO of ULA said that, nowadays, there is an actual competitive launch marketplace, and to be picked up by SNC to fly this chunk of assignments on our Vulcan unveiling vehicle is just a marvelous honor, and they are very thankful for that. The Vulcan is being built by ULA, a partnership between Lockheed Martin and Boeing to trade Atlas 5 and Delta 4 of the company. Both have been widely used to launch military, which is high priority, NASA and additional government payloads, but among them Delta family is most expensive.